Activities in and around Lydenburg


The mountainous area of Lydenburg with plenty of fly fishing streams and dams, hiking and camping possibilities is the ideal destination for the active person..


While staying in Lydenburg you may be entertained by various outdoor and sport Activities. Within Lydenburg you may enjoy a 18 hole golf course well kept. There are caddies or carts available with a 19th drinking hole in the form of the Lydenburg Golf Club. Enjoy some tennis at the Lydenburg Tennis Club. Non members are welcome at both clubs.

For the fitness addict Lydenburg offers a fully equipped gymnasium with aerobic classes. The gym is open almost every day from early morning until late evening. Fees payable for a day visitor to the gym is very reasonable.

Other activities also available in our area are hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and trout fishing. The majority of activities are situated in the nearby surrounding area of Lydenburg.

Longtom Cycle and SportLongtomC

Situated on the corner of Voortrekker and Johannes Coetzer Streets

The owner is up to date with all the mountain bike routes.


All role players with there contact details here.

Arrie from Longtom Cycle for detail on the number of mountain bike routes in the area. The route in the Gustav Klingbiel nature reserve. Also there the hiking trails, routes and possibilities.

Hiking trails also in the area, maybe to historic and anthropological sites as well as culture.

Horse riding possibilities in and around the area.gym

The details of the golf club with logo and all important information

The Tennis club logo with a picture and contact details

The full layout of Juries Gym with logo and pictures


 Here more information will follow concerning the team


 A layout of the most popular attractions in and around Lydenburg

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