Fusion on 24 JC


One of our specialities, wood burn coal fire is the Afican spice for meat.


Combining various exotic dishes with local tastes serves you a fusion meal.


How, where and when do you like your coffee, cappuccino, espresso, just say it?


For the most important meal of the day we can not go skimpy. A sunny side up morning to you!

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The Dining Room

They say that your stay at any establishment is as good as your last meal there. That is why at Dankhof we do make sure that your cullinary experience was the best. At FUSION on 24 JC we strive to deliver the quality food at best value. Our aim is to welcome you back. Whether you are here to sleep over, saying hallo for a cappuccino or staying longer for one of our fusion meals.fusion logo

We do believe in order to produce quality food we need the best ingredients. Due to this we have build up a great relationship with our suppliers providing us with organic and free range products. Ideal for you is to have a function with us, let us prepare a warthog, impala, pig or lamb on the spit for you. Invite your whole family over for your anniversary, birthday or all types of celebrations.


Business Hours Breakfast is served from 06:30 am to10:30 am. Dinner is served from 06:00 pm and the kitchen closes at 09:00pm.

OThe menu has a FUSION inspiration which mean it is a combination from the world's most popular food, spices, tastes and drinks.fusion 4 To have this seasonaly dictated the menu will change from time to time. The result is a meal prepared with only the most fresh, organic and free range products available. In adition to that the choices concerning beverages is pruned to a selection of local and imported liquor, wine and beer. The rare selection of dishes on the menu will be furthermore contributing to the quality of your cullinary experience.

OBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. A selected spread is available to get eveybody going in the morning. With the lovely garden and shade in combination with the verandah's breakfast and dining room we can accommodate groups of up to 40 guests for lunch. Passing through as a tour group you are welcome to arrange a cold lunch buffet outside in the garden during summer time or a more traditional hot meal in the winter. Being blessed with such lovely weather allows us to prepare our meat on a wood burned barbeque.

OGrowing a vegetable garden and fruit orchard produces seasonal and perpetual vegetables, salad, herbs and fruit. fusion 3We also preserve some of the produce for our dispensary. Ask about our green fig preserve and pickled carrots which we serve with barbeques. Besides our own supply we are proud to have a business partnership with just the best local suppliers who specialize in organic and free range products. Depending on the season is the flavor for our menu, only the freshest ingredients are good enough to live up to your culinary expectations.

OBeverages are the fuel for the human body and spirit therefore we offer you a particular selection based on an average choice. The assembly produced a selection of national and imported beverages.fusion 2Quality of food over quantity thereof is the spice of your meal, everything is fresh and with precision prepared. The result of this is a trimmed down menu with heavy dishes upon it. Dictated by the season there will always be available a fusion of local produce resulting in a choice of five different dishes of each course.

OThe restaurant only accommodates a small number of guests and therefore it is important to make a reservation.
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FUSION on 24 JC at Dankhof Guest House is stuated on the corner of Johannes Coetzer and Church Streets in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

24 Johannes Coetzer Street & 64 Church Street

From the R 36, follow the road to Church Street then turn in an eastern direction towards the Lydenburg High School

From the R 37, follow Voortrekker Road until it crosses with Johannes Coetzer Street then turn into a northern direction towards Church Street.





Garden green Greek salad with a balsamic reduction and goat’s feta cheese.
Platter of plowman’s with a selection of biscuits, cheese and green figs.
Classic garlic butter snails served with home baked bread and butter.
Chicken livers infused with some Portuguese spices and chilly.
Tomato and basil soup served with home baked bread.


Main Course

Steamed and smoked trout stuffed with a mixture of fresh herbs served with a selection of garden salad and freshly baked bread.
Slowly cooked and braised rosemary lamb shank served on a bed of mashed new potatoes with garnish on the side.
Green Thai curry chicken embodied with a selection of vegetables served with steamed jasmine sticky rice.
Organic blackened beef rump served with Belgian fries and mayonnaise accompanied by fresh vegetables.
Classic free range baby chicken grilled with perfection served with Belgian fries and mayonnaise.



Traditional caramel baked pudding infused with cognac served with homemade ice cream.
Homemade ice cream served with a selection of fresh fruit salad. (Seasonal)
Chocolate mousse cake enriched with Amarula liqueur.
A selected cheese platter with biscuits and green figs.
Italian kisses and tiramisu with Turkish delight.



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Het was een echt onvergeetlijke ervaring geweest. Goede dienst en veel lekkere eten. Ik ben zeker volgende jaar terug. Uitstekend!


Beautiful! My Grandparents, Mr and Mrs Du Toit, would have approved! Hettie Gets

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About - D A N K H O F - Guest House


Centrally situated close to schools and the business areas and easy accessible.



Dankhof was built between 1935 and 1937 for Mr. Albert Kuit, High Commissioner.



Staying with us means we want to cater for your every need, from breakfast to dinner.



Family owned and operated we do offer a personal yet private experience.